Active therapeutic programs that assist students to learn the life skills required to more effectively manage the challenges in their lives.

Delivered in primary, secondary and specialist education settings – can include staff education session. Programs can be tailored for each school’s needs, but are typically either 8 or 16 weeks in duration. The longer duration Programs are usually for Peer Education and/or VCAL Personal Development components and are tailored to student/school requirement.

Our Instructors work in collaboration with the host school in order to communicate the life skills or set of values that are more important for that particular group or student (e.g. use and reinforcement of that particular school set of values).

Life Skills Program uses an evidence based approach including pre and post group surveys, school interviews, key success measures and risk management strategies throughout the planning, delivery and reporting phases of the program.

In addition, our program uses the Victorian Curriculum on Personal and Social Capabilities as a reference tool to support the development of young people in key areas such as:

  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-Management

  • Social Awareness

  • Social Management

Our Life Skills Programs

An active modality that combines the principles of mental wellbeing and emotional regulation with those of therapeutic martial art training techniques.   

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A program targeting secondary school students where participants are empowered to find, build & live their core values by using a series of structured of PE strength-based activities

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It has helped our students understand emotional regulation and how that ties into real life. They have had the chance to practice this which is usually a difficult exercise to have them engage with.
— Stephen Duke Well-being Coordinator Cire Community School (December 2017)
The Life Skills Program has gotten students started on the social skills that will help them inside and outside of school.
— Elizabeth Tran Heads of House Mount Alexander College (December 2017)
The Life Skills program enables students to reflect on their behaviour and look at positive ways in which they can make changes. It helps students with self-confidence and gives them the encouragement to engage with teachers and persist in getting the help they need.

The belief the program gives them in themselves helps their resilience and challenges any entrenched negative attitudes to education.
— Peter O’Bree Director Student Services Wellington Secondary College (December 2017)
We were really impressed in the program. It had a positive effect on our students in different ways. Some took on the self-regulation skills, others we saw a rise in confidence. But mostly we saw students supporting each other in ways they wouldn’t have in the past.
— Candice Richards Student Wellbeing Assistant Lilydale High School (December 2017)
The students thoroughly enjoyed the program. It helped them to recognise their feelings and ways to deal with these. They learnt to control their emotions more positively and how to apply these strategies in everyday situations. We would definitely recommend this program to other schools.
— Angela Angelone Deputy Principal/Wellbeing Leader St Timothy’s School (December 2017)
The program has helped our son control his reaction to situations and persons. He has been able to walk away and use the skills learnt to remain calm rather than react and find himself in trouble. We definitely would recommend the program to other people and schools.
— Parent (November 2017)

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