TESSA Professional Learning is specifically designed for staff supporting children and young people who are struggling with moderate to severe behaviour challenges and who may be, or currently are, at risk to themselves or others. 


Protective Practice Training

This training consists of 3x 90 minute module workshops and is based on the concept of Physical Protective Behaviour for the purposes of maintaining safety for all.  The training is contextualised and suitable for current
DET teaching and ES staff as well as other working professionals who may be exposed to the threat or instances of physical violence in the workplace. This training is designed to be tailored to meet specific needs where required.

The 3 modules of training includes the following topics:

  • Introduction to DET policy on working with children with challenging behaviours

  • TESSA child safe standards

  • Understanding Conflict in its verbal, emotional and physical context

  • Relaxation under pressure

  • Principles of movement (deflection)

  • Body language and positioning

  • Physical exercises to understand our habitual responses when confronted by force or conflict

  • Physical responses and strategies for keeping oneself and others safe

  • Strategies for minimising risk

  • Control of situations

  • Breath time and self-care


Professional Learning Coaching

1:1 on the job coaching for school staff in the areas of managing challenging behaviour and protective practice.

Works well in tandem with 90 minute PD modules, designed to assist staff in implementing new strategies & approaches in their day to day work with students.  Approach is collaborative, hands on & practical.

  • Training for teachers & ES staff

  • Protective Practice

  • Student behaviour approach & management

  • Student engagement

  • Team approach & solutions focused

Managing Challenging Behaviour

3-day program

  • Understanding and working with challenging behaviour

    • Causes of challenging behaviour, our approach & core principles of working with challenging behaviour.

  • Circle of security

    • Practical tool built around understanding and application of attachment theory.

  • Trauma brain development

    • Trauma understanding, approaches and strategies.

  • Behaviour goals and interventions

    • Understanding specific motivations for negative behaviour and how you can target these effectively in a solutions focused manner.

  • The escalation cycle

    • Understand phases and know the interventions.

  • Limit setting and emotion coaching

    • Tool for teaching emotional regulation and working towards behavioural change.

I found the Protective Practice Workshop has helped improve confidence when managing challenging behaviour on a physical level as I am now more informed and aware of body mechanics, having learnt safe ways to protect myself and minimising risk to the student. I also acknowledge the benefits of learning new redirection strategies giving me the ability to respond positively with a sense of calmness in a variety of situations.
— Julie Davie, Education Support Staff, Somerville Primary School.

For more information about our Professional Learning Services, please contact Clint Cassell by emailing cassell.c@tessainc.org.au